Knowledge Hackathons

In my last post I said, “The hackathon is a great place to learn a new feature but it’s not a hackathon. They expect you to have the app prebuilt before you get there.” I just want to be very clarify in this post.

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Knowledge 19 and what I learned

I was very lucky to get to go to Knowledge19. Now that it’s over, before I leave I want to jot down my thoughts. Of the labs, I attended I had no technical difficulty with the wifi or content. Others did, but somehow not me.

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Winning Hackathon Ideas

This year I’m fortunate enough to go to knowledge, and one of my favorite SN people, Robert Fedoruk, posted a youtube video about winning hackathons.

In the spirit of sharing I’m adding a list I compiled after some searching to see what’s won previously as it wasn’t aggregated anywhere I could see. I’d love to see these shared in an open way after wards but if this just make the competeition better, than that’s great and my goal here. Below is that list.

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Restarting workflows

Restarting a workflow is sometimes needed. I found myself looking at how to to do this today.

I’m posting this so I don’t have to re-do this again.

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Approvals for Knowledge and how they don't work

A few days ago Derek was asking about approvals, specifically approvals for Knowledge articles and why they don’t work out of the box. It’s weird and here I’ll go through it. So it seems Servicenow started to make this work out of the box but just never finished it. Here’s the list of things they did;

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