After hearing about how certifications are changing I read up on it some. I found the site confusing, so I made this post to put the useful things together.


UPDATE [July 1, 2018]: As of 7/1/2018 you’re need to take a class to register for the exams according to this pdf.

I was looking for a list of the certifications SN offers. As of today This is all I can find. Here’s my sources;

Cert Description Blueprint
CIS-ITSM Cert. Impl. Specialist - ITSM Blueprint
CIS-SM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Service Mapping Blueprint
CIS-SAM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Software Asset Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-FM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Fin. Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-CSM Cert. Impl. Specialist - CSM, Field Service Mgmt Blueprint
CIS-HR Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources Blueprint
CIS-VR Vulnerability Response Blueprint
CAD Cert. Application Developer Blueprint
*PLATFORM Application Developer, Performance Analytics, Service Portal
*SEC-OPS Security Operations
*CIS-CLOUD Cert. Impl. Specialist - Cloud Mgmt
*CIS-ITOM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Discovery/Event
*CIS-PPM Cert. Impl. Specialist - Project Portfolio Mgmt
*SEC-GRC Governance Risk and C
*SEC-RM Risk Mgmt

* No Certification Documentation could be found, but it’s listed as if one exists on the Certification Guide locally incase SN updates/takes down original.

Learning Resources


Class Cost (USD)
Servicenow Fundamentals 2095
Servicenow Platform Implentation 2995
Scripting in Servicenow Fundamentals 2095
Discovery Fundamentals 2095
Service Mapping Fundamentals 2095
IT Service Management Fundamentals 1595
Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Fundamentals 1595
Security Operations Fundamentals 1595
Customer Service Management (CSM) Fundamentals 1595
Human Resources (HR) Fundamentals 1595
Financial Management Fundamentals 1595
Event Management Fundamentals 1595
Cloud Management Fundamentals 2095

A post was made about why training is mandatory. I can’t find my source but some folks have said

@NOWsupport Why are certificates for all things changing to a “you must take a class to test” method on 7/1/2018 for #servicenow certs?

— Jace Benson Jun 29, 2018

We’ve found that knowledge & experience gained in the classroom is critical for success in these roles - both on projects and in the pass rates of exams. Here are some details that may help: (link:

— ServiceNow Support Jul 3, 2018

A great disc. about #servicenowdev on the sndevs slack about #certifications.
Some people piped up about the changes applied mid 2018. So I had an idea for a poll. What would the ideal pricing model be?

— Jace Benson Jun 16, 2019

Option Result
class+cert+delta(current) 20%
cert+delta(class rec.) 20%
Follow Salesforce Model 40%
Follow Comptia Model 20%
10 votes

Prosective #servicenow employers, what do you find more telling of a quality applicant? #servicenowdev. If it’s something else, reply to this.

— Jace Benson Jul 1, 2019

Option Result
SN Certification 17%
A bunch of side-projects 83%
29 votes

With all this being said, I also did some quick math;

When 2018 Cost 2019 Cost
People 75 75
Certs 3 9
Class Cost 0 2000
Total Class Cost 0 1,350,000
Exam Cost 150 150
Total Exam Cost 33,750 101,250
Maintainence Cost (every 3 releases) 0 100
Total Maintainence Cost 0 67,500