So I read this AMA and one post really struck a cord with me. After deciding yep I’m leaving I did some searching and found this Youtuber, Hex DSL, where he goes over his services and what he’s been switching from. I found this really useful to compare where I was in terms of what I need to do.

So below is the table of things I use and what I’m changing.

Current Service Alternative Switched Comments
Gmail Protonmail Done Some places don’t let you change your email.
Google Drive Amazon Drive Done I have a lot of files :(
Google Contacts Protonmail Done This was easy with CardDAV protocol
Google Calendar Hotmail’s Calendar Done This was easy with CalDAV protocol
Google Search Duckduckgo Done This is easy to change.
Google Photos Amazon Photos Done Grouping this with the Google Drive -> Amazon
Google Analytics Clicky Done