Open Source Activity Formatter

The Out of Box activity formatter is… somthing… isn’t it? It has a lot of features, but with those features it has a number of issues and it’s one of the things HI’s never given out.

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Asset Lab

I went to the Minnesota SNUG where they had a lab about Software Asset Management. It seems quite involved.

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Custom Rest Processor for Catalog (pre-sn_sc api)

A long time ago, before sn_sc, before Scripted Rest APIs, could only use processors to make these things. My colleuges and I made one to meet the needs of some other team.

I think it’s still better than the out of box sn_sc, however since Servicenow has their own I haven’t maintained it.

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K19 Proposals

Below are my K19 proposal’s to speak. I’d like to develop these points into posts at some point so I have an embedded survey below the details of these talks

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Showing Barcodes on forms

A while ago I answered a question about how to show barcodes on forms in servicenow. I’m just reposting it here as well as I think it’s useful.

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The other day I got a report of slowness when using the “Post” button on incident.


Turns out this little functionality uses some undocumented api to / . In this post I go over what I found out about it and how it’s not measured like others.

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Hactoberfest 2018 - atf

DigitalOcean and Github for the last few years have put together an event called “Hactoberfest” where you can sign up and get a shirt after 5 pull requests.

I’ve made a repo to build out tests for all of servicenow’s tool to help everyone get there.

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Mermaid JS to render workflows

The other day I was looking at my mermaidjs flows and wanted to see how they would render a servicenow workflow.

I created a UI page to do this, you just have to pass it a context sys_id today but this could be improved.

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